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Whenever you buy or sell real estate, you may be like millions of other people out there, in thinking that a real estate agent is not worth the money. But rest assure we are worth our weight in gold! Most people who buy or sell homes, generally think that a real estate agent is not the most important factor on the agenda. Let me tell you, it is and we want YOU to reap the rewards from all the tireless effort and hours you put in.

What most people don’t realise is, that real estate is not a property game, it’s a people game! Realtors deal with negotiation, emotional intelligence, sales techniques, marketing a vendors pride and joy and achieving a successful outcome. Many people believe the fee outweighs our expertise. We think not!

That is why we encourage you to explore an opportunity with EXP Realty Australia. EXP Realty has just launched in Australia. We deliver on all of the below key outcomes and have your best interests at the forefront of our business. That’s why agents love us. When they make the move they wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Now you have immediate access to making the switch to EXP Realty Australia.

When you join EXP Realty Australia you join a worldwide network of experienced agents thriving at their game.

Why not join in the action?

Choose EXP Realty

By working with EXP Realty the exposure to your business stretches far beyond your local surroundings. With the EXP Realty brand fetching worldwide, who knows where your buyers AND sellers will come from? EXP Agents undertake ongoing training to boost your turnover, profit and business within the business. We also have industry related connections and partners with local industry leaders where by you can have multiple sources of income stream.

Point blank, below are the many reasons joining EXP Realty is the right decision for you:

Highest commission split in Australia

No desk fees

No marketing expenses

Lead generation to you

World class training and education


Multiple streams of income

Set your own agenda

Set your own commission percentage with vendors

Lifestyle flexibility

Residual income

Multi-tiered income stream

Recruit other agents and get rewarded!

No out of pocket expenses besides transacting fees

Latest technology at your fingertips

Buy in NASDAQ Shares

Finding an agency that can guarantee you the above isn’t an easy task – providing you know what to look for. Don’t hesitate to register for a call back from an EXP Realtor and discuss making the move today. Join the movement to a better work life balance (yes, as an Agent it IS possible!) and get in touch immediately.

Exp is a click away!

Samcorp Developments works within the Worldwide Real Estate Firm EXP Realty Australia. We are ready to sponsor you today.

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